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Faux Stone Paint Pour

A little while back I did a paint pour with a friend. Here are the instructions and results. Enjoy :)

I did mine with turquoise, blue, lime green, and copper colors to get a “stone” look. When it was finished my brother and his wife where visiting town and admiring it. I really wish I had asked him to send me a photo of it hanging on their wall..

List of Supplies

1. A surface you can pour paint on, like a disposable plastic table cloth, or old paper bags taped together. I find it is most comfortable to put this on a surface that is either sitting or standing height. You’re preference though.

2. A blank canvas, or at least one you don’t mind painting over. It should not be too big for the first pour, but not too small either. Somewhere between 10 and 16 inches is a good starter size canvas.

3. Cheap acrylic paints in the colors you want. I highly recommend having some sparkle on hand if you are going for a marbled stone look.

4. Painting medium. Liquitex makes a good one.

5. Liquid silicone for shine. Otherwise, it might wind up looking like a dull poster paint project.

6. Plastic cups to pour all the paint into

7. some kind of disposable stir sticks, these can be skewers, popsicle sticks, used straws, etc…

8. 4 pushpins per painting

9. Gloves

10. paper towels

11. Cardboard or junk mail paper if you want something stiffer to swipe with

12. Torch or heat gun

Spread out whatever paint protection you have on the surface you plan to place your canvas.

Then assemble the rest of your supplies on the protected area of the surface.

Press push pins into the four corners of the back of the canvas.

Put on your gloves, and start by pouring a cup for each color 2/3 full of painting medium.

Make one much larger cup or a few small ones 2/3 full for the white that will go in the background.

Then begin adding your colors.

Pour a small amount of each color in separate cups. Then add a few drops of silicone to each and stir until well blended.

Make one cup extra full of white and add about 10 drops of silicone to it, also storing well.

Fill each cup that has the medium in it with a blend (except the white background cup(s) the last 1/3 full of the color, or colors you want to use.


Pour the white cup(s) onto the canvas. Take care to spread this around so it covers everything. Using gloves or dragging a paper towel around a bit to ensure coverage.

Then pour the colors on however you like.

Watch the magic happen.

Feel free to manipulate the canvas by tilting it however much you want. Do this slowly because you can always do more, but you cannot undo what has been done on this.

Tilt, roll, swipe with the paper towel or a bit of paper to create the effects you want.

When it looks how you want, then go over it with the touch or heat gun to remove any bubbles.

Then let it dry undisturbed for a few days to weeks depending on the weather and how much paint is on there.

Remove the Pushpins after the paint has thoroughly dried and hang up in your home (or your brother’s if he takes a liking to it) for everyone to enjoy 🙂

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