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Paint Your Own Airplane Project

Looking for ideas on how to paint those blank (ceramic or otherwise) canvases?

Please enjoy this process and become inspired to do this in your own style :)

This piece was kiln fired, but it can be done in acrylic paints and coated with a clear coat. It won't be as durable a finish, but seriously, hoe rough can you be with ceramic anyhow ;)

If this is done to be fired, above are the colors used.

I applied the yellow base coat and let it dry.

while that was drying I made patterns out of paper for the wings so I could trace them on the plane and get them all even and matching once painted.

All basic shapes done and almost dry. Still visible is the pencil lines made from tracing around the patterns. This should not be done in pencil if this is not being fired in a kiln as it may show through the paint after it is dry.

with the details done it is ready for the kiln.

Here it is out of the kiln showing the paper pattern pieces. They are really great time savers if there is a repeating pattern involved.

done and ready for adventure :)

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